What is the Connection Meter?

Connection Meter® is handy toolbox for every connection to Internet via

ADSL, VDSL, Broadband - Cable TV - WiFi - EDGE, CDMA, GPRS

in Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7:

  • connection speed and amount data transfer monitor
  • program measured connection time
  • Wlan, WiFi connections status and level monitoring
  • include a password management system (for all browsers)
  • generation passwords, their evaluation
  • mail notification (also for Gmail)
  • includes calendar with task reminder
  • includes unit and currency converter
  • protect connection with antidialer
  • set system time according to timeserver
  • CPU load monitor, battery status monitor, etc.
  • includes SMS gateway for czech cellular networks

Connection Meter® is a registered trademark of Mgr. Tomáš Papoušek, all rights reserved.

... and how do I get it?

Free version of the program you download on the server Softpedia.com, registered version is only for users from the EU.